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    Join Chris Morocco back in his home kitchen as he makes weeknight meatballs. We stripped meatballs down to the most essential elements, creating a recipe that is easy enough for a postwork dinner. Making larger meatballs means they actually have time to properly brown in the oven without overcooking.
    Check out the recipe here:
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    Chris Makes Meatballs | From the Home Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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    1. Travis

      Chris you're the best but I'm still pissed off at Bon Appetit for what they've done.

    2. trentbateman

      I’m questioning myself as these other BA fans seem pretty ghey

    3. Niv Ronnoc

      Idk how you got 13k down votes on this video, maybe about all the non cookery stuff or a lot of people dont like BA after... May? But, this recipe actually made the best meatballs I have made. And I have made a lot of meatballs. The mixture with a little bit of meat was clutch. I also made toast then crumpled it for breadcrumb substitute!

    4. Rachel Lucci

      Glad to see you back, Chris! Making these meatballs tonight. Blender parm for the win!

    5. louise petrilli

      So happy to see you Welcome back👏👏👏❤️🇨🇦

    6. Sodous Dodous


      1. Sodous Dodous


      2. Sodous Dodous


    7. colombia555

      Its just not the same

    8. Michael Gibson

      No, thank you.

    9. Larisa Shaterian

      Why does he still have a job?

    10. Juliann Negron

      This was uncomfortable to watch

    11. Five

      (Condé Nast would not respond to questions regarding the junior position but released the following statement through a spokesperson: “Chris Morocco is not responsible for hiring practices and personnel matters, for Sohla to suggest that he is, is disingenuous and false.” Multiple sources in a position to know told Vulture he was intimately involved with hiring. When pressed about this, a Condé spokesperson clarified that Morocco was involved, but wasn’t solely responsible. Morocco did not respond to requests for comment.)

    12. Robby Meek

      BA better apologize and explain. We deserve it. And BA need to speak clearly about what they are changing.

    13. Coldtoes

      All BA needed to do was get rid of the bad apples and then pay people appropriately. Apparently that was too complex for them, so it's easier to just hire a bunch of token people of color. I'm not fooled. Wonder if the tokens are going to get paid what they are worth?

    14. Alex Potvin

      3:11 intro summarized

    15. Sonya Willis

      BA and Chris Morocco are waiting for this to "die down" and all these problems to go away. This is embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for you, Chris.

    16. Em Kav

      This is crazy lol. And he's in Philly!

    17. ahhhfuckthisshit

      I miss you guys!

    18. Melanco

      Isn’t this the guy that didn’t want to pay higher wages to POC?! Trash.

    19. baby shoes for sale, worn soles.

      The white members are the most interesting, I said it

    20. stacey frazier

      Chris! Welcome back! Missed watching your vids. Wish things could have been fixed without losing Claire and the others. Good luck and best wishes.

    21. Lauren Donovan

      Perhaps you guys could broadcast an hour long dialogue to address the backlash? We love you all unconditionally! I think getting back to a "new normal" requires some transparency. :)

    22. fooftrdc

      Diversity at BA is Morocco making meatballs.

    23. Fizzy Pop

      Oh, Chris. I've missed you so much. ❤️

    24. Matt Geiser

      BA is back baby! so glad to see Chris (and Brad) making videos again.

    25. Zeksteve

      No clare bubye

    26. Lady Artoria

      I can't believe people are so privileged that they quit a job like that for pay. Many would do it for free!!!

    27. eallison425

      Your explanation of mixing bread crumb to beef was perfect! Like TEMPERING THE BEEF LOL.

    28. Mary Dragonee

      massive major big yikes here, folks

    29. Mitesh Patel

      Shame on BA, using Criss to salvage the Chutzpah. Love you Criss, but BA messed up big time.

    30. toad rage


    31. Ethan Sz


    32. Louisa Ytuarte

      Uggghhhh. Just stop.

    33. Harpeia

      "Who can live like this??", Chris asks in shock as he practices the only way I've ever dealt with whole parm...

    34. Madhu Menon

      *crickets* at the awkward silence in the room.

    35. jlhpisces

      Thank you for being you. Since 99.99% of us have never walked in anyone's shoes at BA, I guess we can back down. And yes diced tomatoes are a pain.

    36. Platypi007

      And here we have a prime example of "ignoring the elephant in the room."

    37. Celestino III Cañeca

      Chris :(( why?

    38. Tristan Wittmer

      chris is just an employee and he didn't contribute to the racism

    39. Jesse Former

      Wow this is a scream for help. I’m disappointed. It’s over handed.

    40. Jerry Champion

      '"They really wanted to hire someone Black, which I know you’re not allowed to say legally, out loud,” she says. “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.”'

    41. L Gaines

      So good to see your face!

    42. Maryah Dinane

      Two minutes in and it’s not the same energy. I’m bored.. it was always about the cooking but it was also the personality of the editors. I feel like this is very tutorial forward which the previous BA vids were actually fun to watch till the very end

    43. The De Show

      oh great they changed nothing about their channel and were just supposed to accept it.

    44. Christopher Moss

      We all need a little forgiveness for something or other sooner or later.

    45. Robert Orr

      It used to be that food was able to bring us all together........

    46. Nathan Beasley

      Keep those downvotes coming!

    47. Edwinology

      “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” - Vulture, Going Sohla

    48. RenyaHimself

      People need to understand to have e.g. Chris Morocco to ramble on about what he finds faulty and not wouldn't go through in a Bon Appetite video. By implying that he is "not bothered about it" or "sweeping it all under the rug" wouldn't be a fair conclusion. Undoubtedly he acknowledges that what has been going on is horrible, he still can't be too vocal about it because then all of a sudden his job is on the line which most people find him being selfish. The same example goes for Brad. By seeing viewers going onto Brad's instagram telling him he's selfish for not posting about the dilemma we say the same about him. We know what has happened but we barely know anything directly behind the scenes, except BA's management not giving out an official excuse but re-arranging the BA lineup into a more BIPOC-friendly one "out of the blue" as their way to tell us that they're sorry for what has happened. In short, don't blindly fire away on those who aren't capable of making a direct difference. Everyone's replacable.

    49. crazebeauty 87

      I miss claire

    50. aratosm

      He looks like he's been crying.

    51. Melly B

      Please don't think Chris is innocent. He had a direct hand in the toxic environment behind the scenes of this channel. He TOLD SOHLA IN HER FACE that he didn't like the fact she was advancing so quickly. "And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes." - Sohla El-Waylly, in the Vulture Profile article, 'Sohla El-Waylly Goes Solo.'

      1. TheSuperFranck

        @Melly B You're totally right. She called brad ''a big dumb white guy'' it's totally not part of the toxic environment.

    52. sqeeze88


    53. Kin N

      I respect you, Chris. Move beyond Bon Appetit. I would find you on KGup in a heartbeat.

    54. 2605400

      “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” - Vulture, Going Sohla

    55. Laurie

      I like Chris Morocco and I like cooking videos...end of my thoughts

    56. Hunter Crawford


    57. Chloe Farrell

      This video is so weird and fake and disappointing. It's bad enough that he was silent and actively gatekeeping behind closed doors, but after it was exposed he still failed to do the right thing? Also he didn't even make a creative recipe here these meatballs, like pretty much everything else he does on this channel is incredibly middle of the road and overdone.

    58. Adventures in Everyday Cooking

      Nice to see you back, Chris! I missed your expertise in the kitchen... and your spoons. I missed your spoons :)

    59. chromiumjade

      How do you still have a job after saying this and then denying it? Are BIPOC paid what their true worth? Have you learned how to temper chocolate yet? “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” (Through a Condé Nast spokesperson, Morocco stated that this conversation did not happen.) Going Sohla, Vulture article by E. Alex Jung.

    60. Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton

      those.....look like really bad meatballs

    61. Frumbo

      Ugh white guy

    62. spiritfiend

      I can't get over how unprepared Chris Morocco was for this video. He doesn't have the ingredients nor equipment he needed and complains about it way too much. I bet Sohla would have made a way better meatball video.

      1. TheSuperFranck

        she would have made something like a soy and tofu meatball coated with flaxseeds and pistachios served on a bed of zuchini

    63. Ken Muse

      Yippee! I am SO HAPPY to see Chris Morocco back again on BA!!! Sure, quarantine (and everything else) has made him (and us) flustered and frazzled, but that's par for the course. Hang in there, Chris, we love you!!!

    64. lanadiedformysins

      Imagine setting this example for ur kids lol

    65. J

      Is grating parm that much of a hassle? I'd rather wash my grater than blender.

    66. AustinN

      There is so much wrong with this video. so beyond disappointed with Condé Naste and Bon Appetit.

    67. Andrew Eliot

      Hey Chris, do you still maintain that Sohla was lying that you said you didn't like how quickly she moved up (despite still earning less than nearly all her peers)? Or were you lying when you disputed it?

      1. TheSuperFranck

        Imagine you run a store and all your cashier are promoted to salespersons, would you think they moved up too quickly? If you hire some more and they become salesperson also, do you want 100% salespersons and no cashier? it's the same with BA, they don't want all recipe developper, they need someone to be the recipe tester!

    68. Jrome Gaming

      this video should be called how to cook smarter and not harder

    69. Taylor G

      diversity was never an issue for's the total lack of talent in front of the camera... BA finally hires an actual chef and they make him 'global brand whatever'

    70. Jordan Ackerman

      I don’t fault them for staying if changes were made, but I feel like conflict resolution 101 is that you have to just discuss what happened and what the outcomes were so we can all move past it. I think the authenticity is gone because there’s quite a large herd of elephants in the room.

    71. mattiboi09

      I’ve honestly watched this 3x cause I’m so confused. Like, this feels like a parody of what people think this would be. But, it’s reality...... 😳

    72. Ananya Bose

      Yeah, the awkwardness is real. 🙂

    73. Emma

      does anyone know who stayed and who left ?????

    74. VivoEnChicago

      I like Chris, that being said the company just glossing over the past issues like everything is fixed is disappointing. I will never fault a person for continuing to put food on the table for his own, with that being said BA is dead to me. You had an opportunity to take responsibility and face the issues head on and missed... badly.

    75. fulltiltphil D

      Great job Chris! I learned something new!

    76. MasterWilliam770


    77. Monsieur Tyrell

      if you think i'm staying for any reason other than cftbatk you would be very wrong.

    78. Matt Eveans

      nice to see Bon Apppetit back again - thanks!

    79. Victoria Jimenez

      I really am glad he did decided to stay

    80. sheila coll

      “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” - Vulture, Going Sohla

    81. Erroll Leggo

      It's nice to have BA back posting vids. I missed it.

    82. Erroll Leggo

      Why are you people down voting? Did you watch his explanation? Hate never makes anything better.

    83. L T

      Ridiculous BLM ruined all that’s good this year. Not sure how there’s still a white guy standing but congrats chris!

    84. Nico Ibarra

      Something’s off and it’s not the meatballs

    85. Rama Hiba

      Shame >:(

      1. Rama Hiba

        You are bad and you should feel bad

    86. Mykasan

      I feel GUILTY to watch this so I'm going to avoid this channel. I didn't even know the channel has started to post again. I'm not sub since you don't pay your employee equally.

    87. Michael Thatcher

      Chris is not the problem BA is

    88. andrewrocks10

      Um gurl...,..

    89. Michelle Meyer

      Miss everyone......😢

    90. TheH0nestLiar

      Nice kitchen Chris. A shame you guys couldn't had paid your POC staff a decent salary so that they didn't have to cook out of the small footprint that they had.

    91. onukoll

      The energy has been... like there is a dead body on the floor.

    92. Roan Florez

      Great! Just the recipe I was searching for- ugly, burnt meatballs sprinkled with an abundance of corporate shilling, freshly grated white supremacy and undeserved privilege that pairs quite nicely with a complete lack of remorse or accountability.

    93. Kyle Simmons

      8:35 Yes it makes sense. By incorporating the meat slowly to the bread crumbs rather than all at once you create a more homogeneous mixture.

    94. Matthew Snyder

      Beethoven had his critics too, mate. See if you can name three of 'em. Two sides to every story. This one seems tilted against him. Keep on keepin' on, Chris.

    95. Craig Johnson

      They wouldn’t pay the people who helped build this channel and then hired a few well known chefs and I’m sure gave them a bunch of money for the rebrand

    96. Alys Williams

      Good to see you again Chris. Really good,

    97. dbreardon

      Glad BA is back! I see many here complaining but never explaining what they expect BA to do. Get over it. BA has indicated there was an issue. They appear to have made an effort to rectify the issue. And Sohla is not coming back. She quit. And BA is not going to rehire her back at any price....nor should they.

      1. givememore4free

        This whole thing is Sohla's fault. We would be enjoying BA right now if she didn't do that stupid tweet. She could have gone easily to human resources and said being on camera is not in my job description. No one put a gun to her head and said you have to be on camera.

    98. J H

      Why is Chris not self immolating? He and the rest of the white staff should have flogged themselves publicly for allowing their colleagues to have worked for less pay. He should have asked all of his non white colleagues what they made, I'm sure that would be completely comfortable and normal workplace conversation. At the end of the day its the responsibility of white workers to ask what their non white coworkers make and then advocate for their employers to pay them more.. I mean them less... I mean coworkers more and them less. How dare Andy.... oh wait... I mean he's white too right?

    99. Stevey Pizza

      chris has nuts of steel acting like he wasn't a huge part of the problem

      1. givememore4free

        Are you trying to tell me that Sohla is an angel in this and she didn't say Brad is a dumb white guy?

    100. A. K.

      I'm out. You won't even address the obvious.