Why We Joined Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit

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    New leadership Editor-in-Chief Dawn Davis, Executive Editor Sonia Chopra, and Global Brand Advisor Chef Marcus Samuelsson talk about why they joined Bon Appétit and what they have planned across print, social, and video.
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    Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

    Why We Joined Bon Appétit

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    1. Bon Appétit

      Hi, we’re the new leaders of Bon Appétit. We know it's been a while since we've posted a video, and we are really excited to welcome you back and share the next chapter of BA with you. We are listening, learning, and building something together that showcases our best. We're building a team that is empathetic, respectful, and open to being challenged; that is paid fairly for their contributions; and that represents the audience we hope to serve. You're going to see new shows, new and familiar faces, and a whole lot of new recipes. And get ready for more from inside the Test Kitchen in the new year. We can’t wait to show you what we've been up to, and we really hope you love our new vision for Bon Appétit. Sonia, Marcus, & Dawn

      1. Shavone

        @DcU yup. These people are props to them.

      2. TMF

        I'm late to the party but... Your answer was to get rid of all your talent that built the channel because.... they're white? Y'all added a ton of black people and still managed to lose all the soul of this channel. Unsubbed

      3. Larisa Shaterian

        So all I want to see is what everybody is getting paid and what the rules and practices around that are.

      4. Five

        "Why we joined bon apetit" you guys had a huge PR problem and found some melanin to cover for your entrenched racism?

      5. Zeksteve

        Unsubbed bye

    2. Kendall Grace

      Yall need to address the issue, apologize, and reform your entire brand. This video SCREAMS white savior energy. The problem wasn't that you guys didn't have diversity, because you did, your diversity was great, its the fact that you did not treat your POC equally and that is what you need to change. This video was not the move.

    3. Stop Clickbait

      That like to dislike ratio though.

    4. Brenda

      Wait so who did they replace?

    5. Jason Rudik

      Tokenism at its worst - Shame on you BA

    6. Smith Smith

      LOL, “I know let’s hire some black people that will solve our problems” ironically you’re now not diverse at all

    7. Flame0326

      Just here for Brad.

    8. Randy A

      new sonia is cooler than old sonia

    9. Lemony Snikts

      I loved ba but now I don't recognize it no more molly and her challenges Clair's technical thinking and problem solving gaby being the grandma we all wanted. Now I only see a channel so simple that thinks that this is only a show ba was a family you can't replace that. We don't want new genders and woke anti racism folk that doesn't make you good that makes you seem cheap we want the ba family back.

    10. The silly one

      you guys, stop saying this video is bs. i can't like every comment

    11. 54chevysoul

      Couldn't even watch the whole thing...

    12. Robert Rodrigues

      You’ve lost a KGup subscriber and a magazine subscriber. This was all the wrong moves. You should have fixed what you had before. This is insulting and you lost a fantastic group of people that viewers loved to watch. All you had to do was fix what you had and do the right thing for those involved. You did the wrong thing and I stand by the chefs decision to leave. I’m leaving too. Bon Voyage.

    13. Billy D

      Finally, you are back.

    14. Jeffrey Fredricksen

      wow...B.A. cringe woke.

    15. Cadet Tau

      This is hot garbage. Conde Nast clearly thinks its audience isn't too bright. The number of Dislikes proves otherwise.

    16. That1Dewd

      I’m not a fan of how BA treated their staff but I’m not gonna take it out on these people. They seem cool but it’s evident they’re being used.

    17. Tristan E

      Yes Weimaraner!!!

    18. Shelly

      WOW, REALLY B.A? This is what we're doing?

    19. Li Yu Liu Huang

      This seems so force, they didn't even hire asians.

    20. puchoo

      Wont cry over Rapo, guy always seemed corpofake AF.

    21. Liz Bee

      You joined bc of money. stop upholding white supremacy.

    22. Clara South

      Yay I love Dawn, such a great hire

    23. rnorningstar's wings

      Ngl Sonia looks hella nervous and uncomfortable,,, and marcus seems to be forcing a grin hgdfjkjdfsurtod Not to mention pushing that "these people earned it" via pushing they've been in the industry for so long hhh

    24. Lu Chien Lee

      jimsterling greatdays crash

    25. jay

      i wasnt even aware of the drama until today and i go and see this. yikes lol. you guys were “diverse” before, you just needed to give everyone equal pay

    26. brigadier general

      You know what at least Bon apetit is trying okay. Maybe we have to give them time to adjust. They get it now. Let them restructure internally for the greater good.

    27. emma qgnehkwdvavnrhj

      wow. this is like what i thought would happen. the old bon appetite characters were the equivalent of ‘Friends, but it’s a cooking show’ and it looks like they’ve recasted characters

    28. symott

      Man, there were so many other, better ways to deliver that message. This used to be one of my favorite channels. RIP

    29. Kurri

      What an odd choice. Instead of a video acknowledging what happened, we get this. So much mention of "change", but cannot even say why the change was needed. I wish them the best of luck, but this channel is sadly not for me anymore.

    30. filosofodemierda

      Worst way to handle things.

    31. plain peppermint

      Just when you thought Bon Appetit couldn't get any more exploitative, they figure out a way to prove you wrong. Blasphemous.

    32. Gillian Lindeen

      Darn. I really with this wasn't so scripted. I hope they're being paid well because this video is pretty depressing :(

    33. Beinerth Chitiva Machado

      Sonia looks like an Indian Karlee Gray, LMAO.

    34. Jay Lee

      Not like this.

    35. Ruby Birchall

      Jesus - they didn't even address the issue - the team was already diverse. It was about pay. Terrible come back.

    36. Ruby Birchall

      woah... just read the comments... BA - what are you doing?

    37. Ruby Birchall

      This is a really cool video but I have a question: was there a reason they got a bunch of new people coming into the company suddenly? like,, who got fired ?

    38. Ichsan Nurzaman

      "Representation wasn't the issue" Yall called em previously diverse? Lol, no Black regular previously, and you think that was diverse. The amount of video and project held by white cooks compared to their non-white counterpart were astronomical. Delaney eating out, Chris blind test, Brad It's Alive, Claire Gourmet Makes, Carla and the celebrity guests, Molly and those expensive ingredients, and what program that the PoC control? Andy and his food around the world program only, and that sob is white-passing Iranian If you think BA was diverse still after that comparison I laid out, tell me 3 video where Christina has her own session with no white counterparts, tell me now. Pretty sure you can't.

    39. Em Kav


    40. Taylor Gallion

      45K dislikes to 5k likes YIKES thats ugh. rough. accurate and hilarious. but rough. lol

    41. The Devils Milk

      Wow I love it this is going to trick everyone into loving you again. If it was real it would of been day one but that’s ok. Let’s make money.

    42. Wes Marcel

      forced and inorganic. such a shame for the channel and the new faces, they don’t deserve the situation the company put them in, wish them all the best but lol unsubscribing :/

    43. Camille H

      I wonder if they got paid for this

    44. Nate

      BA can't win with this crowd 🤷🏽‍♂️

    45. Rodolfo Cortinas Mendez

      Conde nast (the leadership´that allowed that toxic culture as BA to grow) needs to make a visible video statement, directly addressing the unfortunate events that were of your own making. Putting black and brown folks as the shield is lame and equally as problematic as the problems that caused the great fall on 2020. These culinary professionals are not an automatic absolution of your past transgressions.

    46. D Rog

      god dam this sucks

    47. Jessica Pool

      oof this isn't it sis

    48. Melanco

      You poor unfortunate souls are being used as a prop. Good luck.

    49. Sol Guerrero

      They hired the whitest black/brown people on the industry. Why couldn't they hire a real one like the neellys?

    50. Gloria West

      All you had to do was pay the people you had adequately.

    51. Cheese goat

      Simply boring

    52. baby shoes for sale, worn soles.

      Good that Priya chick was ugly af

    53. Park ChimMin

      The like to dislike ratio makes me happy

    54. Mary Delgado

      Too late !!!!

    55. levian

      wow im really behind with all of these. forgot about the channel, the comments are so funny. im unsubbing too y'all.

    56. Max Devo

      "We were ripped a new one for not paying our PoC staff fairly, therefore we should hire more PoC staff" Whoever is running this circus has microwaved soap for brains

    57. Corliss Emery

      I guess this is a step, but it would’ve been easier to pay everyone equally, and address the past before trying to forge the future.

    58. Hilo Takenaka

      Ah. I see they pulled the "hollywood diversity" tactic

    59. Bored Human

      Are you kidding me???

    60. None None

      Out of all the carnage of 2020, I did not expect BA to go out this way. Goodbye old friend you were missed very dearly, with Claire, Molly, and everyone who made it special. I'll miss the times they did group projects and made the audience feel like they were apart of something. Now all that is left of you is poorly managed damage control, if I was hired as the editor in chief things would be a lot different.

    61. bee gun

      I was so busy being mad I missed the beginning of Food 52. Check it out.

    62. Tyler Dean

      You guys are trash, babish is a king for picking up the gem you decided to underpay

    63. Tik Tok Life

      Omg! Are you guys serious? This 💩 would even make a klan member cringe. You need to replace your spin dr...ASAP

    64. Spikey Cute Face

      “But some of my best friends are black,,,”

    65. paper planes

      Fact: as a chef you can not talk about a burger or meat in general if you didn't even try it...vegans are depriving themselves. I understand that you don't eat meat but if you're talking about the meat culture at least try it so you aren't bias because of your food preferences.... Can't even remember her name because this lady is such a fraud calling herself a content creator about a subject that she shouldn't even have a say in since she doesn't even consume said product, in this case meat

    66. Nullll1111

      "Why We Joined Bon Appétit" To tick the boxes?

    67. Sandy Simon

      0:01 omg they hired a Priya lookalike 😆

    68. Ashley R

      Ok. BA, it wasn’t that you needed MORE BIPOC, it’s that the ones you had you treated like trash.

    69. adam dark

      Tokenism at its best. Got the job because you ticked the box. lols.

    70. Lady Artoria

      Our era is that of spoiled brats. Ignore them. More food, less PC crap. Good luck and screw those that left. Sooo people would want that job!!

    71. Issaname

      Do these guys have any self respect 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦‍♀️

    72. Gus Mendez

      Lol this is a joke right?

    73. AnarchistAaron

      Bunch of disgusting capitalist pigs

    74. AnarchistAaron

      Oh dear...

    75. Aron Brown

      Since Molly Baz left BA, they have probably split her salary into these three.

    76. Curt Popejoy

      Stunning and brave

    77. Jean Fitzgerald

      Nope. Just nope. Breaks my heart but it’s time to unsubscribe.

    78. Jim Long

      I was so hoping BA/CN would come back with a genuine apology, ready to face their mistakes and make everything right. While I think these three are sincere, their sincerity doesn't excuse BA/CN's terrible behavior towards the staff we have all come to know and love. Coming out with this video message seems tone deaf to the issues that BA and CN are facing. If you hired a crisis management firm, fire them immediately and go back to the drawing board. Perhaps if you keep doing this enough, you'll get it right one of these times.

    79. grahamster8

      It’s so overtly obvious they were just like “okay we can only fix this by hiring a whole new team of black people”. What logical thinking is that? It just makes them look like fools trying to “make better” their problems.

    80. Crystal

      Never seen so many dislikes in a video 😂

    81. rose novel

      I already unsubscribed. Just came back to say F U bon appetit for what you did to the minority workers who you have been underpaying for years. Also it's really gross to be treating you new employees like your minority best friend immediately after you refused to properly pay your senior minority staff. Now you have an excuse to be paying them less than the white people. Doesn't make it right

    82. Jenna McNellage

      This is sad. Ya'll added them cause you needed color and didn't even address the issues. This is a "bandaid"

    83. David Faker

      MARCUS?! Holy sht, BIG FAN

    84. Max

      Installing people of color in positions of power because of the color of their skin is still racism. The only truly oppressed group of people in the west are gamers✊🏿 rise up

    85. Lazarus

      To be fair, these people are brand new and they are in the right for not wanting to repent for someone else's sins. It's the OWNERSHIP that should be taking responsibility.

    86. Jered Timothy Frigillana

      I am here to dislike this video.

    87. Flowey's hot jamz

      oh my god

    88. support_theory

      SO, idk who your PR person is, but I have more common sense than them and am happy to take their paycheck. Looks like, gee, idk, almost everyone in the comments does too.

    89. Hibashira Sakai

      Really, nothing to address the public, the loyal viewers? When you are in public view and rely on public viewership, you can’t just treat what happened as an internal problem. We need to know whether we should trust you to do good and continue to commit time on your channel. Y’all should know that there is no moving on until the past had been addressed. There is NO moving on until the past had been addressed.

    90. Adam Sosa

      so we just gonna ignore what happen

    91. Platypi007

      Man, that like/dislike ratio just says it all.

    92. Barnebilius

      Unsubscribed I'm done with this channel. It's nice you hired poc and they getting paid but it's all b.s. They should have paid the old cast. Have a nice life.

    93. Senpai Coffee

      this is giving me "my husband is tongan, so talofa

    94. ALYCIA

      oh my god...

    95. david kline

      Dammm 44k 👎🏻. 30 seconds in and i can totally understand

    96. pingidjit

      Cant help but notice that it was the 3 white guys that stayed. Brad, Chris, so disappointed. Others stayed but not in a video capacity. I wonder how threatening y'all were. Did you hold their contracts over their heads so much that they couldn't leave without you screwing them over further? I will NOT be supporting your company in any capacity any further. This was the last video I click on, the last comment I leave. I bid good luck to these new people, but I have a feeling you are screwing them just like you screwed past/current employees. Companies like you don't deserve to stay in business. I will miss Claire/Brad/Sohla being awesome together. I'm sad you ruined it.

    97. Robert Orr

      Why does this remind me of the NEW "Top Gear"? Regardless, I look forward to seeing the new BA KGup product.

    98. Daniela Esparza

      we see right through it.

    99. Viniter

      They need to talk about what happened. I'm not saying replacing the executives was a wrong call - it wasn't! But this doesn't mean they can sweep everything that happened under the rug. They need to address it. It's never going to feel honest until they do.

    100. Brazen Spirituality

      @bon appetite We are waiting for our apology and transparant explanation of equal wages and employee contract specifics for their KGup appearance cameos and show leads. WE DESERVE TRANSPARENCY just as much as your new crop of employees do, and just as much as your former employees DID DESERVE TRANSPARENCY