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  1. StuntCabbit

    2:00-2:20 was the most unnatural over edited conversation

  2. hadeel nabwany


  3. Urszula Zarosa

    Finally vegan recipes on BA, I stopped following because I was fed up with non-vegan stuff all the time, despite that I like the hosts like Claire. I hope this is a beginning for introducing much more plant-based recipes here!

  4. TheRazzmaChaz

    She is delightful! Great addition to BA

  5. Kris Corderio

    Brad is my fave but the editing on this is just too jarring.

  6. Camille Lot

    This is like a group of teenagers on a staycation.

  7. John Marquardt


  8. Drake Shipway

    The editing of these videos is bananas. So hard to watch.

  9. dlk12dnice

    This was quite enjoyable...can't wait to see more

  10. Nocturne22

    I like the fully loaded bar cart next to the kitchen

  11. Smokehouse Outdoors

    Stupid liberals play butcher

  12. The Ex

    off topic but please buy a stabilizer, some angles are really shaky and badly framed it feels a bit weird

  13. YoyoGrrrl

    She’s awesome. Will watch more of her videos.

  14. Beate Reinhart

    IDK I am trying to give the new cast a chance and don't want to be unfair .. But it's somehow boring..

  15. jay

    the editing hurts my head

  16. prechhya S

    I just cracked when he started cooking outside...

  17. why

    imagine if the video starts with raw or medium rare chicken

  18. jay

    i wasnt even aware of the drama until today and i go and see this. yikes lol. you guys were “diverse” before, you just needed to give everyone equal pay

  19. Lara Konrad

    I feel kinda guilty for missing Claire and the others, 'cause those new people seem quite amazing too...

  20. Emilio Mattar

    Omg I just love heeeeer, we need more of her and Chrissy!!

  21. Kyra Kaw

    i hope they’re paying you fairly you seem like such a sweet person

  22. Fra Fra

    Im crazy for watching a 25mins egg video

  23. Kavindhu Harinda

    Are you Sri lankan

  24. Erin Simmons

    Oh my goodness, she is a breath of fresh air! I so enjoyed watching her!

  25. Timon Veurink

    You forgot the tornado egg!

  26. colombia555

    Its just not the same

  27. Flicity Rell

    Add a sprinkle of sugar to knock out the bitterness. And it won’t be sweet

  28. TreyNitrotoluene

    Brad needs to branch out on his own. :( I kept searching for him to see if he had his own channel by now but no, just this.

  29. Kobe Hollins

    Personally I fry my pizza rolls, makes em way crispier🤫

  30. EatingAdventures


  31. Jerry Li

    "Hmmm bacon bowl tastes like bacon..." Ah yes floor is made of floor

  32. Alex Majors

    That’s what we call, Hysteria.

  33. Ava K

    So this is the new diversity hire huh

  34. Stacey Ardiel

    Between the recipe, bar cart, wall colour, and overall clumsiness I can tell that I'm really going to like Samantha.

  35. Anthony Brandes

    that fallen carrot cake 😂😂 are you okay there buddy?

  36. Shay Cohen

    You are SO cute!

  37. Jose Basurto

    I dont like this clumsy stuff, I miss the culinary scientific explanations, this is only another cooking show

  38. Thomas Reed

    Great video. Nice voice. She has a good mom vibe.

  39. MinkShot

    Love this dude already

  40. Ryan Conley

    Okay, guys. Yeah BA had/has a diversity problem. And yeah they are forcing the solution right now. But much like diversity policies across our nation in schools, jobs, ect the only way to get rid of the issue is to force diversity until a diverse population is totally engrained in the organization to the point where you no longer have to force it. At least that’s how I see it.

  41. CJ Yeoh

    Listen to her is very comforting

  42. Marcos Navarro

    When Molly told Adam: "way to ruin something great", I felt that.

  43. CA Fishing with Michael

    Brad please take Andy fishing soon!!!!

  44. HyperOuterspaces

    Who loves fully cooked eggs? Like if u agree 👇

  45. artisanart

    Hi maam. Always watching your series. Thanks for the info. I love cakes....

  46. devi_

    a) Until now I didn't believe "adorably clumsy" was a real thing b) I am inspired to try to make these!

  47. steven rafael

    I wonder how much boxes of eggs were used to make this video

  48. Hehe Boi

    Yes! finnally a Philippine street food.

  49. rluy24 Gaming

    Ok I watch cuz she’s cute

  50. brigadier general

    You know what at least Bon apetit is trying okay. Maybe we have to give them time to adjust. They get it now. Let them restructure internally for the greater good.

  51. herpderp

    Sigh, if only Brad would go off and do his own thing, I could just quit this channel altogether and block all notifications and never look back. Nothing against the new diversity hires individually ofcourse, but using them in an obvious attempt to polish your damaged reputation still feels like exploitative, somehow? I feel bad for these people. Also the camerawork is making me dizzy...

  52. Lydia

    I find her voice so incredibly soothing.

  53. RDHher

    Love Molly and the guys

  54. Juah

    🎵BRAD'S SONG - Blondie - Heart of Galss 🎵

  55. Djamel Hamdia

    His vocabulary and narration are impeccable!

  56. hadeel nabwany

    I feel comfortable

  57. Josie Park

    that "yay yay" sound is really bothering me

  58. Josie Park

    I'm sad about Claire leaving but I really like Samantha, looking forward to watching more videos with her.

  59. Nicole Caputo

    this looked delicious! maybe i missed it, but why did he keep saying when they used to make it on the islands he could never have any

  60. Arcas Yard

    I like her smile. She has quite the bubbly personality.

  61. Katie Aviss

    Omg Samantha is so sweet! I love her!!! The doughnuts look crazy yum 😍😍😍

  62. Keegan Harrison

    Very glad to see these two back, the most random stories and brads face😂


    this is the recipe of how to cook that claire is just taking it that s not fair

  64. Michael Gibson

    No, thank you.

  65. Rem

    Remember when BA wasn't absolute trash and had hosts people actually liked? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  66. Marc Meng

    NOw Watch CoOkInG FrIeD RiCe ...

  67. justokay

    the only effective method amiel has done is twice baked cuz then its just normally baked

  68. Maya

    Her on camera charisma is not there dude....these new people are not lovable man.

  69. Jose Acevedo

    Thoughts & prayers for Amiel Stanek's cholesterol.

  70. Rem

    Oh look another token POC. So woke BA!

  71. Rem

    This is how you take a successful KGup channel and ruin it. Good job Bon Appetit. * *SLOW CLAP* *

  72. Juah

    BRAD: "Quick preperation, 3 or 4 days..." This is definitely quick for Brad.

  73. Spanish Templar

    I blame you crybaby liberal fucks!!!. You wanted more colored, YOU GOT IT. So STFU and enjoy your new show!

  74. 1TheNewuser


  75. e8604

    i feel like im watching the office

  76. Bocaj _ Nesnah

    Brad needs his own channel

  77. Kamal Ganessh Selvakumar

    "Except for the mess. He left me with a mess". Sums up the BA test kitchen situation right now, pretty well, I think.

  78. Carlos Alberto Tiznado Platt

    this feels so forced its unconfortable...

  79. hamza 1330

    Sasha would be happy 😌

  80. Will Lang

    5:40 salmonella